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When I think about my life as a parent, I feel my whole being expanding and opening to the most beautiful, empowering, and yet challenging experience I have ever had. As a little girl, I remember watching my (and other) parents, teaching us what they thought was best for us and I remember asking myself, "How will I be as a parent when I grow up?"


Back then, I had a hard time understanding some of the rules and expectations that we needed to follow and I remember asking my dad many times, "Why?". Most of the time his answer was, "Because I said so!". I decided then and there that when I would become a parent and my kids would ask me, "Why?", would do my best to share my reasons and try to provide them with an answer. I may not necessarily give them an answer that will make them happy or one they want to hear, but I will keep a connection with them that will allow them to ask without fear, or stress. I want them to know without a doubt, that they will be heard. In my childhood, I remember that most of the adults around me acted the same way, which was the way that was "accepted by society". 


Since an early age, I often wondered what happens don't want to be followers, but who want to be authentic. When I was 18, I left my country to fulfill my dream to be, act, and live as my own independent self. I decided to live every day honoring who I really am. This lesson has helped me to parent my kids in a way that shows them the possibilities that can open for them when they live their lives from a place of authenticity.with the people who feel differently, 

As a parent, I have tried to learn about my kids' needs, dreams, feelings, and challenges by watching them and by keeping the communication open. Together, my husband and I have created a relationship where we will communicate, share and learn from each other, even if we disagree. This has been crucial in our relationship. 


Having open communication between all of us has given us the opportunity to see the world through each others' eyes, to learn about the challenges we face; these challenges differ significantly from the ones we had when we were their age. Our world has changed exponentially since I was a child. Technology has changed the way we learn, travel, co-exist in a community, make friends, express our feelings and communicate. Technology has been a blessing in many aspects of our lives, and at the same time, it has impacted the way we socialize and interact with each other. Even though I enjoy what technology has opened for us, I still believe that calling a friend and hearing his or her voice over the phone, or, sitting face to face with our loved one so we can look at them in their eyes, is essential to keeping strong and authentic relationships. As I learn about my kids' reality and the experiences that impact their lives, I remember that they are looking at me, learning from my words, my actions, my choices; as their mom, I have chosen to honor their reality, learn from it and provide them with the opportunity to have alternatives by modeling my reality.My journey as a mom is the one that has allowed me to learn the most about myself, my heart and about the possibilities that we as humans can have when we love from the deepest place in our heart. The most beautiful gift I have had in my life is to have the opportunity to learn to open our hearts to our kids, to teach them with kindness and patience, to share with them our values, and to provide them with a feeling of security and trust (even when we disagree).I welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide you with tools, to become the parent that you want to be.

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