Empathy Can Be Learned

Growing up I didn't enjoy reading, I learn to enjoy it as I grew older; it changed my life in many ways. Today, I'm mindful of my choices, when picking a book I look for meaning, intention, and relevance. All based on what I'm feeling, experiencing, need a better understanding of.

I recently finished reading Jamil Zaki's book - "The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World".

I chose this book because of the importance that Empathy has in my life, and in the world.

I found myself questioning my upbringing, the cultural messages I got, how do I practice empathy as a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend and as a professional working with individuals in need of support, guidance, and acceptance. Jamil’s book emphasizes important concepts such as diversity, kindness, acceptance, loneliness, community, racism, mindfulness, forgiveness, connection, suffering, stereotypes, and more. Concepts that have a very powerful meaning in our everyday life and in the way that we show up in the world. The most powerful message I got from Jamil's book is that empathy can be learned;  by practicing, we can change the way we see each other, those who are similar to us and those who aren't.

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