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"Working with Lizi as our guest speaker was pure pleasure.

She took the time to understand our creative designers' needs and our event goals and built a lecture followed by a workshop that inspired enthusiasm and honesty among our community members. Lizi is knowledgeable, professional and carries a powerful gift to bring people into further and deeper conversations.

We look forward to hosting her again at our future events!"

(Karen Aharoni Mack - Founder of the Israeli designers' community in Silicon Valley)

April 2018


"Working with Lizi is a fascinating experience; Lizi brings her vast pool of knowledge in her field and the Daring Way™ methodology and integrates it with the needs of her clients. In our case it was a bunch of designers. Planting her in a new arena and challenging her to move out of her comfort zone, she did it with great success. 

Lizi listened to our thoughts and needs, she changed bits and parts to deliver our goals while keeping her agenda. Working with Lizi was an eye and heart opening experience and I hope I will get the chance to work with her again in the future."  

(Gili Cohen-Milo -  Israeli designers' community in Silicon Valley)

April 2018


"If I were to pick one decision I made that proved to be the most transformative and that had the most positive impact on my career, it would be working with Lizi. Lizi possesses the unique ability to facilitate her client's conversation with themselves. In this conversation - fears, aspirations, grievances and prides - all get a seat at the table. They get to surface in a structured, constructive way, ultimately leading to truly optimal choices. Lizi was there to guide and focus me through highly ambitious steps in my career, and never cut me any slack when I tried to run back to familiar, safe mediocrity. My learnings from our time together will always be treasured."

(F. E., April 2018)


"Due to huge changes in our lives we got to a situation that we needed help with our marriage and stress management. We went to Lizi. Today I can say that I am happy that we selected Lizi to help us. Lizi is very professional and experienced; she took us step by step to manage the stress and to view our issues from a different angle so we can solve them. She also provided us with homework after each meeting so we can practice the meeting's results. She was able to manage emotional and delicate meetings and both my wife and I felt that she was balanced between us and to the issue  Her treatment helped us to overcome the issues we had and to be able to face the future with more tools.

Also, Lizi was very professional to tell us that we are in better shape and that she doesn't see a reason to continue with the sessions. We are recommending Lizi to people that need any life issues coaching. 

Thank you Lizi!"

M.S. December 2017



"Taking The Daring Way workshop with Lizi was an amazing and empowering experience for me! The Daring Way allowed me to discover new things about my personality, share thoughts, get new tools that help me to live more peacefully and to meet new people who share the same journey. Lizi has a lot of knowledge to share and an impressive coaching and facilitation experience!"

November 2017



"I would like to thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. I feel that the one-on-one sessions with you brightened my life and gave me an amazing perspective and strength to deal with any obstacle. I gained tools for life and will use them now and always. I can't believe how quickly and thoroughly you guided me. Thank you for everything."

K.S. April 2017


"At the time when I came across Lizi’s post on a facebook group, I was struggling to find my career path. When I met with her for the first time, I felt that she quickly understood me. Through her personalized approach of goal setting, she challenged me and made me realize that I had to take action and create a change. Lizi’s thoughtful coaching has really given me a great idea of my strengths, and thanks to her, I reached my goal much quicker than expected."

S.N. November 2016


"I worked with Lizi for over a year and she truly is an amazing woman and life coach! She's warm and friendly, but most importantly she genuinely listens and cares. She's able to identify both you personality strengths as well as the areas in life that may be holding you back from being the best person you can be. My relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers have been changed for the better because of the tools and time I spent with Lizi. When I would leave each session I always felt like I had learned more about myself and had a clearer path to achieving my goals, be them small or large! Thank you Lizi!"

L.S. June 2016



"Lizi, participating in your workshop was an incredible experience. I... thought I knew it all, but, you proved me wrong. You are an excellent coach and have so much patience! Thank you for a magnificent opportunity to learn and make the "Daring Way" my way."

S.H. June 2016


"Dear Lizi,

Thank you so much for coaching me through "The Daring Way" workshop. 

I didn't know what to expect when I started. 

What a great surprise when I found myself enjoying it so much, being able to learn a new approach to so many things and change my way of thinking. 

I always say - When you know better you do better.

The cherry on the top was getting to meet some wonderful women, that came to "take the bull by the horns", and seeing their growth was inspirational. 

Thank you again, for your patience, understanding and empathy. 

Looking forward to # 2!"

M.S. June 2016


"I attended two of workshops with Lizi, and I must say that Lizi was amazing . Not only was she a great instructor, but also a very kind and  compassionate person. I learned a lot about myself - how to be true to myself- and as a result, became happier. As an additional benefit, I also made some wonderful new friends.

I truly recommend this workshop!"

S.M. March 2015


"Lizi helped me through a very difficult time in my family life with my husband and teenage daughters. She had tremendous insight and understanding of my situation and helped me navigate through this extremely challenging time with so much care and sensitivity. I don't know how I would have gotten through my troubles without Lizi's guidance, support and great knowledge of understanding teenagers."

M.F. February 2015


"The Daring Way workshop opened up a new world of mindfulness in my life. I am now more conscious and aware of my thoughts, emotions, and actions through Lizi's coaching. She helped me to "show up, be seen, and live brave" in everyday life. This workshop had an impact in my life and taught me tools that I can use and always cherish."

L.A. January 2015


I looked forward to Lizi’s workshop every week!  We were always met with her kind hospitality in addition to her enthusiasm for Brene Brown’s work.  My understanding of the power of connection and vulnerability has deepened significantly from Lizi’s examples, stories and mini-lessons.  I also had the pleasure of experiencing the workshop with a group of very interesting women that I had not met before--now I call them friends. The Daring Way workshop gave us the opportunity to learn and share and grow together. Thank you for everything, Lizi!         

M.K. January, 2015


“I highly recommend the ‘Daring Way’ workshop facilitated by Lizi Oceransky. I found the small group format both intimate and safe, and allowed me to be vulnerable. Because of Lizi’s warm, empathic style the dynamic of the group felt emotionally safe while revealing concerns about shame, fear, vulnerability.

I took away with me new ways to love and appreciate myself while working on brave new ways to engage in the world including work life and relationships.”

Janis Seiberlich

Healing Heart Therapy - Psychotherapy & Counseling

January, 2015


"About a year and a half ago I was at a totally different place. On the one hand, I had it all: 3 beautiful children, a husband with a good Hi-Tech career that enabled me to be a stay at home mom. Where I come from, many women dream about this.... I enjoyed it, I cannot lie… But after doing that for 4 years I started getting bored. I started feeling I am wasting my life away.

I have always worked and enjoyed it. When we moved here (to the USA), it was always clear to me that eventually I would go back to work. But it never occurred to me how hard it might be to make that leap. Finding a job at my profession, in a country where I have never worked before, where no one is impressed by the university I have my degree from, where no one knows the companies I worked for, where English is not even my mother tongue. And on top of all that - I haven’t worked for 4 whole years. How would I account for this huge gap? All those HR agents get so many resumes of many other people with a lot of experience. Why would they pick me?

After 4 years out of the employment market... I needed someone to pick me up, remind me of what I am worth and what I am capable of, and convince me that I can do it. And this is where Lizi comes in.

My weekly meetings with Lizi were just what I needed. Seeing her smiling face, knowing she believes in me. Eventually I started believing in myself. Job hunting is a very long and depressing process. But before every meeting with Lizi, I knew my weekly shot of espresso is coming! She knew exactly how to motivate me, and help me find the strength within myself to go through this process. Lizi basically woke me up from the mental coma I was in. When the long waited for job offer came through Linkedin, I read the job description and was not even going to reply – this job was way too much for me! They would never hire me. Why would they? But lucky for me I had Lizi, who would never let me miss such an opportunity. She was there with me all through the long process, filling me with hope and strength to continue this journey. And she was the first person I called when I got the job!

Lizi saw my strengths, and helped me find and see them myself. She helped me see things I was too blind to see. These things will go with me always. I am a better person because of it. And for that I am forever grateful!"

A.D., October 2014


"Lizi made me a better person and taught me how to express myself through words and not be afraid of being judged.  She was very supportive and she was always there for me... She is such a caring coach and I appreciate her for making a difference in my life."

A.B., September 2014


"I would highly recommend Lizi as a professional coach. She worked with me during some very difficult days for me personally, and helped me move beyond them. She is very perceptive about behaviors, and knows when to be gentle, and when to be brutally honest. I always found her advice sound... I am in a good place now, and I feel that I can attribute some of that to the time I spent working with Lizi".

D.G., June 2014


"Lizi is a gifted and a compassionate life coach. She helped me evaluate and focus on the area in my life that needed change.

Step by step I worked with Lizi to implement the changes within me and gradually better myself.

Today, 5 years later, I am still implementing successfully the tools I practiced during the coaching sessions with Lizi. 

I truly appreciate the impact you made in my life!!"

M.O., May 2013


"I received on-going services from Lizi Oceransky within the last 2-3 years in a counseling/coaching capacity. I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and thought I was going to lose everything. I was on the verge of a total breakdown and because my family is deceased and my friends live out of the area, I felt like I had little resources to turn to and felt alone to deal with it all. This feeling only compounded matters...The inner peace in my life was more than disturbed, it was ripped from my heart. I went to see Lizi for some emotional and practical support and I got a lot more than that.

I got compassion, logical, level-headed, helpful ideas and practical suggestions and felt like someone really cared. I didn’t feel so alone while dealing with all my issues. Lizi helped me keep my spirits up, my head above water and helped me to move forward through some of the most challenging times in my life. I am very grateful for her help and would highly  recommend her to anyone in need of some support, a good listener, someone who can give you practical solutions and resources for whatever may be an issue in your life right now and also someone who genuinely cares."

L.A., April 2013

"I originally contacted Lizi to help me with my difficulties to clarify on what I want my next career to be. It turned out that my setback, career-wise, was driven by fear. Fear to fail, fear to overcome difficulties living in a new country (language and culture differences). The biggest change that I have experienced through my sessions with Lizi is in my confidence levels and it's amazing! The sessions are enjoyable as much as efficient.  My whole coaching experience was a true gift. I highly recommend Lizi!"

R.G., April 2013


"Lizi is the best life coach I've worked with. She helped me move through some behaviors that were keeping me stuck in both my business and personal relationships. She has the personality and the tools that kept me engaged in the process - even when I wasn't in touch with some underlying feeling or belief, she had a magical way of bringing those out to look at and address. I strongly endorse Lizi for anyone who is interested in getting more out of life!"

M.C., March 2013


"Lizi Oceransky effortlessly slices through masks, postures, and mental tape loops to challenge dysfunctional self talk with good natured, high energy tough love. She focuses upon enabling peak performance and life balance with an eclectic and intuitive approach to interpersonal problem solving. If you are serious about setting goals and keeping on track to meet them, I can’t imagine a better coach. I will continue recommending time with Lizi to those I care about."

J.K., April 2012


"It is without any hesitation that I highly recommended Lizi as a counselor and life coach. She always impressed me with her knowledge, skill and dedication to her work. She is a very caring and empathetic individual whose warmth and compassion puts others at ease. She is friendly but professional in developing a rapport with her clients. She has an innate ability to read people. I could always count on Lizi to be reachable and assist me with any issues I had during a very trying time in my life."

L.S., April 2012


"There are not words to describe how much Lizi's work with me has changed my life. She has made me more confident in myself, my work, and my relationships. She is dependable, knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about her work and her clients."

L.S.B., March 2012


"Lizi has a huge caseload of families and individuals who have many different needs. She sorts through issues, prioritizes, helps and coaches her clients, and it has amazed me to see how she keeps in mind the long-term goal and helps them reach it. She is fantastic!"

M.S., February 2012



"I would like to recommend Lizi Oceransky as a professional who offers valuable guidance, support, and resources to individuals and families facing difficult life challenges. Lizi and I were colleagues for over a year at Jewish Family Services, Silicon Valley. We partnered often in providing support to people caught in the devastating impact of unemployment, and facing minimal income, potential loss of their home, and the attendant emotional distress. I could offer job leads and some direction, but Lizi offered the guidance, personal support, and resources to help them face the challenge. She is a true professional in helping people to cope with significant challenge."

J.H., April 2011


"Lizi is a truly gifted Life Coach and Counselor. She creates a professional yet comfortable place for people to talk which invites honesty and integrity between herself and her clients. She is also an amazing and intuitive Parent & Teacher Educator. She has helped change many relationships between parents and their kids and teachers and their students.If you are looking for a person who can help you navigate your personal and professional world, challenge yourself to grow or who will help you find your true calling in life, then Lizi is the one."

J.Q, April 2011



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