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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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Lizi is an amazing coach!

" She escorted and guided me through one of the most turbulent and significant times of my life, in which I had to make many decisions, such as getting divorced after 40 years of marriage, moving to a different country, managing my business, etc.

These life-changing events required a lot of courage, and also a clear understanding of what I want for myself and how to manifest it.
Big questions that called for big answers. Lizi, with endless patience and amazing clarity, and out of the box thinking, gave me tools and reminded me time and time again that I have all the answers within me… I was able to look at things from a new perspective.

Lizi, thank you for being there for me!
I started the process confused, angry, frustrated, and overstressed. Now I feel that I live my life the way I want, feeling free to express myself, and enjoying my life the way I want to. I highly recommend Lizi!!! "

- A.M., September 2019

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