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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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Bridge over a River


What my clients have to say about working with me and the results they have achieved

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Exceptional Leadership Coaching

"I am genuinely grateful for the transformative experience. I wholeheartedly recommend your coaching services to leaders seeking to unlock their full potential and elevate their leadership capabilities... I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you"

Laura Avalos, June 2023

Incredibly effective, empathetic, and energizing 

"I've worked with Lizi for a year, and her coaching skills are top-notch. I value her holistic expertise in diversity & inclusion, emotional intelligence, and Brene' Brown's work related to living whole-heartedly. I've experienced lots of growth and am grateful to be her client. 

- Linda Rad February 2021

An amazing coach!

" She escorted and guided me through one of the most turbulent and significant times of my life, in which I had to make many decisions, such as getting divorced after 40 years of marriage, moving to a different country, managing my business, etc."

- A.M., September 2019

Reached my goal

"When I met with her for the first time, I felt that she quickly understood me. Through her personalized approach to goal setting, she challenged me and made me realize that I had to take action and create a change."

- S.N. November 2016

Enriching experience

"Her approach embodies compassion and transparency, and she equips her clients with an actionable toolkit of resources and exercises to draw upon. Our sessions were full of unlocks that have enabled me to approach a breadth of new environments with clarity and confidence."

- Natasha Davis January 2021

Kind, empathic, and will challenge you!

" Lizi was my coach before and all through my CTI certification. She was amazing. Lizi brought a multicultural perspective to our conversations which is not typical of too many coaches, and given my own multicultural background, it was very important to me."

- S.S. February 2019

Unique ability

" If I were to pick one decision I made that proved to be the most transformative and that had the most positive impact on my career, it would be working with Lizi. Lizi possesses the unique ability to facilitate her client's conversations with themselves. "

- F. E., April 2018

I found my voice

"Lizi has the amazing gift of really listening, and because of that gift, she is able to pinpoint strengths that I didn’t see in myself. I felt less fear when making necessary changes in my life, and more joy in what I am creating for myself. "

- Stephanie A., January 2020

I appreciate her humanity and big heart

" Lizi is one of those people who walks her talk. Before becoming her client, I was following her work for a few years and was very much inspired by her own growth and shifts. When I was ready to take my next step, I knew I wanted to work with her :) "

- Relli Siegel May 2019

Amazing perspective and strength

"I would like to thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. I feel that the one-on-one sessions with you brightened my life and gave me an amazing perspective and strength to deal with any obstacle. I gained tools for life and will use them now and always."

- K.S. April 2017


Superb match

“Finding someone with whom you can communicate in a vulnerable and intimate way as a couple was hard enough, but we are humbled by what a superb match Lizi was for us. Somehow with empathy, compassion, and intelligence."

- H&I, September 2020

Any life issues

"Lizi is very professional and experienced; she took us to step by step to manage the stress and to view our issues from a different angle so we can solve them. She also provided us with homework after each meeting so we can practice the meeting's results."

- M.S. December 2017


Contagious Commitment

"I have had the opportunity to work with Lizi on two training programs, Daring Greatly™  and Rising Strong ™.  What struck me straight away was how passionate and knowledgeable Lizi is about her work. "

- Anita Krishnan-Shankar 2021

Deeply impressed

"As a facilitator myself, I was deeply impressed by how Lizi kept us engaged and working hard on the material. Her energy level never wavered. She was excited and passionate about the material/content because she knows it so well and truly lives it."

- Brooke Jones February 2021

Fascinating experience

"Lizi brings her vast pool of knowledge in her field and the Daring Way™ methodology and integrates it with the needs of her clients. In our case, it was a bunch of designers. Planting her in a new arena and challenging her to move out of her comfort zone, she did it with great success."  

- Gili Cohen-Milo -  Israeli designers' community in Silicon Valley, April 2018

Knowledge and Passion

"Lizi was my facilitator for Daring Greatly ™ & Rising Strong ™  workshops.  She brought a huge amount of knowledge and passion to our sessions.  This work is hard at times and she helped us navigate these times with sensitivity, with care and respect  for what each individual needed... "

- Alex Hope 2021

She is passionate, skilled, and also fun to be with

"Lizi worked as a coach in our (Aina Giving) pro bono Coaching project for women in Kenya for 6 months in 2020. She is an amazing coach and her presence, experience and wisdom enriched our bi-weekly meetings though-out the project."

- Marika Nikkinene January 2021

Magnificent opportunity

"Lizi, participating in your workshop was an incredible experience. I... thought I knew it all, but, you proved me wrong. You are an excellent coach and have so much patience! Thank you for a magnificent opportunity to learn and make the "Daring Way" my way."


- S.H. , June 2016

Authentic and Committed

"Lizi is an excellent advocate and facilitator of the Rising Strong™ and Daring Way™ programs.  She is authentic and committed to the goals of the workshops while working to meet individual and the group needs. "

- Natalie 2021

Inspired enthusiasm

"Working with Lizi as our guest speaker was pure pleasure. She took the time to understand our creative designers' needs and our event goals and built a lecture followed by a workshop that inspired enthusiasm and honesty among our community members."

- Karen Aharoni Mack - Founder of the Israeli designers' community in Silicon Valley, April 2018

A new world of mindfulness

"The Daring Way™ workshop opened up a new world of mindfulness in my life. I am now more conscious and aware of my thoughts, emotions, and actions through Lizi's coaching. She helped me to "show up, be seen, and live brave" in everyday life."

- L.A., January 2015

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