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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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Any life issues

"Due to huge changes in our lives we got to a situation that we needed help with our marriage and stress management. We went to Lizi. Today I can say that I am happy that we selected Lizi to help us. Lizi is very professional and experienced; she took us to step by step to manage the stress and to view our issues from a different angle so we can solve them. She also provided us with homework after each meeting so we can practice the meeting's results. She was able to manage emotional and delicate meetings and both my wife and I felt that she was balanced between us and the issue  Her treatment helped us to overcome the issues we had and to be able to face the future with more tools.


Also, Lizi was very professional to tell us that we are in better shape and that she doesn't see a reason to continue with the sessions. We are recommending Lizi to people that need any life issues coaching. 

Thank you Lizi!"

- M.S. December 2017

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