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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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Exceptional Leadership Coaching

"Dear Lizi,

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional leadership coaching you gave me throughout our engagement. Your guidance, expertise, and unwavering support have profoundly impacted my leadership growth, and I am genuinely grateful for the transformative experience.


Your coaching style, characterized by a unique blend of empathy, insight, and constructive feedback, has enabled me to navigate various challenges with increased confidence and effectiveness. Your ability to understand my strengths and areas for development has been instrumental in helping me refine my leadership skills and expand my capabilities.

I also want to acknowledge the safe and trusting environment you fostered during our coaching sessions. Your ability to create a space where I felt comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities, exploring new ideas, and experimenting with different leadership approaches was instrumental in facilitating my growth.

As a result of your coaching, I have witnessed significant positive changes in my leadership approach and my impact on my team. I have become more self-aware, adaptable, and inclusive in my decision-making. The tools and strategies you shared have improved my ability to inspire and motivate others and enhanced my communication and conflict-resolution skills.

I wholeheartedly recommend your coaching services to leaders seeking to unlock their full potential and elevate their leadership capabilities. Your expertise, passion and dedication make you an exceptional executive coach, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you."

                                                                                    Laura Avalos, 2023

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