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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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I appreciate her humanity and big heart

"Lizi is one of those people who walks her talk. Before becoming her client, I was following her work for a few years and was very much inspired by her own growth and shifts. When I was ready to take my next step, I knew I wanted to work with her :) 

My experience working with Lizi was wonderful, I appreciate her honesty, her professionalism, her wealth of knowledge, her passion for what she does, her commitment to helping me grow, and most of all, I appreciate her humanity and big, big heart!! 

Our work together helped me move forward achieving my goals as well as diving deep into what is underneath the issues I was facing during the process.

 Lizi is an amazing person whom I feel so blessed to be able to work with and learn so much with her about myself, so I can be who I meant to be. Highly recommended!!"

Relli Siegel (May 2019)

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