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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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Kind, empathic, and will challenge you!

"Lizi was my coach before and all through my CTI certification. She was amazing. Lizi brought a multicultural perspective to our conversations which is not typical of too many coaches, and given my own multicultural background, it was very important to me.


She has a bunch of tools in her kit; in particular, I loved the interchangeability with which we could interact within the CTI model and also Brene's work. I wanted to work with her on clarifying a lot of personal values and goals, and she really helped me dig much deeper into what really matters to me. She is kind, empathic, and at the same time will challenge you! She was also great about sharing ideas and resources and her learnings as a coach, which were invaluable for someone like me who is new-ish to the field. Highly recommend working with Lizi!"

S.S. - February 2019

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