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Lizi Oceransky - International Certified
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I found my voice

"When searching for a therapist, it was important for me that this person aligned with the work of Brene Brown, such as, imperfection, vulnerability, shame, and resiliency. Work I have been doing for myself since 2014.  I needed guidance. My search brought me to Lizi’s website, and then a call. That call brought us together for 4 months, and throughout our sessions together and with Lizi’s encouragement, I found confirmation, I found my voice, I became aware, with her help and insight, that I am enough, that my truth is important, that I am brave, confident and worthy!  

Lizi has the amazing gift of really listening, and because of that gift, she is able to pinpoint strengths that I didn’t see in myself. I felt less fear when making necessary changes in my life, and more joy in what I am creating for myself. 

I look forward to working with Lizi in the future through the workshops she offers. "

                                                                                             Stephanie A., January 2020

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