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Coaching allows you to unlock the best parts of yourself, so you can


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 When was the last time you paused and reflected about your life fulfillment? Explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and learn new perspectives and tools to challenge yourself and arrive more confident to the turning point of your life.


It would be a privilege to support you through this empowering process

and be your coach.

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Coaching will help you move into action. While asking powerful and challenging questions, I will encourage and support you to discover the next steps needed to achieve your goals.  As my client, you are in charge of the agenda.

As your coach, I will provide a safe place for you to show up and thrive.


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This group workshop consists of 8-12 participants and meet weekly for 6-8 weeks or as a 2-day weekend intensive workshop. We will explore topics such as: vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. These workshops allow you to develop trust and connect within the group, creating a safe space to show up and grow.


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Daring leadership is a collection of four courage skill sets that are 100% teachable, measurable, and observable. It’s about learning and practice that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with our whole hearts.


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El taller fue desarrollado para ayudarnos a vivir una vida de todo corazón, al admitir que somos imperfectos, y a pesar ello, nuestra valía en cuestión. Nuestro valor no está en duda. Somos dignos de amor y pertenencia.


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From a very young age, I knew I wanted to work with people. I dreamt about having a place where people can come and get the opportunity to connect with their true selves, feel accepted for who they really are, and have a sense of belonging; to allow themselves to get out of their comfort zone and explore new possibilities for growth and fulfillment. 


During my own personal journey, I decided to make my dream come true and create a place where I support my clients and witness their growth and transformation.

I hold an M.A. in Counseling from Haifa University. I'm a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  I'm a Certified Dare to Lead and Daring Way™ Facilitator, and a Certified Grief Educator by David Kessler.

I'm fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.


"I had the privilege of working with Lizi for several months. The work with her made a tremendous impact that is reflected inside out, both on the personal and professional level. Lizi helped me uncover limiting beliefs and identify situations that triggered me... I learned to reframe situations, get healthier perspectives; I've learned to accept myself and to gradually develop the belief and confidence that


I'm good enough. I've learned to set boundaries and to show up as my true self. I am immensely grateful to Lizi for all her support and for an invaluable journey that will always have a special place in my heart." - J. G. 2019

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